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"Creativity gives hope that there can be a worthwhile idea."

- Edward de Bono -

((      from      concept       to       creation      ))

The CreativeWerkz was founded by Isaiah Christopher Lee in 2019. Established with the intent of making art accessible and available to businesses and individuals alike, The CreativeWerkz collaborates to bring you the highest quality art and design products to suit your every need. 

We operate specialise in graphic design services:

  • Brochures

  • Pamphlets

  • Packaging

  • Illustration

  • Wall decals

  • Banners & Pop-up standees

  • Booklets & Annuals

  • Arts Events Programme Booklets

Despite our fairly young age, The CreativeWerkz has worked extensively with a variety of educational institutions, private companies, and individuals who have a desire to obtain the best quality products in the most creative ways possible.

Isaiah is the artistic and driving force behind this home-grown company and has a vision of bringing to the world new and innovative art which is still rooted in the longstanding tradition of our own past.

Throughout many years of creative experimentation and bold artistic endeavours, The CreativeWerkz has the One-Stop Solution to your artistic needs. Contact us TODAY for a consultation and we will meet your needs with only the best.



Customisable banners, posters, illustrations and more.


Speak to us about your illustration and design needs today.


Offering a variety of performance resources to produce top quality shows for entertainment and education.

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Isaiah Christopher Lee

Founder & Managing Director

Isaiah Christopher Lee is a multilingual Singaporean playwright, poet, and theatre practitioner. A graduate of Catholic High School, Singapore and Raffles Institution, Isaiah's repertoire of works include Out Damned Spot! (2014), Cermin (2013), Drowning Demons (2013), Umbrellas in the Rain (2013), Di’Vine (2015), Dive (2015), Ladders to Heaven (2015), When The Bough Breaks (2017), The Old Woman and the Ox (2018), Yatim (2021), The Concubine (2021). Most recently, he was the playwright for the interdisciplinary performance《空》 Reflections for Esplanade’s HuaYi 2021. His poems have been published in The Kindling Journal, and SingPoWriMo 2018: The Anthology, and he was shortlisted for the 2018 Editorial Consultations by Arts House, Singapore for poetry.

Apart from writing, he is active in performance and is particularly interested in movement and physical theatre. His latest solo performance, The Visit, debuted on the Singapore stage in June 2022 at the Centre 42 Black Box. As part of his directorial work, Isaiah directed Single Mothers (2019) at the Playden at the Arts House, Singapore and Anamnesis (2021) at Aliwal Arts Centre. As a theatre practitioner, he has worked with New Opera Singapore and MUSA: The Collective.


He has worked on various arts projects supported by the National Arts Council Singapore (NAC), the Arts Fund, and the National Youth Council (NYC), Young ChangeMakers (YCM).

Isaiah was an MOE Humanities Scholar, and the Artist-in-Residence and a Drama Educator at inwardBOUND – Transformation through Drama (2019), during which time he worked on Forum Theatre focusing on theatre for intervention in Singapore schools. He continues to work as a theatre practitioner and drama educator in Singapore. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of the independent art, design and theatre company, The CreativeWerkz (2019).

Isaiah is engaged as a guest lecturer at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore (NAFA) and teaches Reimagi(ni)ng Sanskrit Epics in Contemporary Southeast Asia for MU4631: Music & Sound Design for Theatre under the School of Music. Isaiah was an Artist-in-Residence with Centre 42 under the The Vault: Lite 2021 with a research specialisation on reimagining Singapore theatre classics, in particular Chong Tze Chien’s Poop!. He has also worked with pioneer Singapore artist Tang Da Wu on 'The Big Rehearsal: What Question' at The Substation, Singapore (2021) and ‘Walk Darkness Walk’ at the National Gallery Singapore (2021).

He is currently reading a BA(Hons) Double Major in English Literature and Art History with a Minor in Modern Languages (German & Thai) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with a specialisation in the Arts and Literature of Southeast Asia. In parallel with theoretical research within and beyond the disciplines of Art History and English Literature, he explores performance and storytelling through theatre and education.

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Christopher Lee

Creative Director & Illustrator

Chris has been an active designer for the past 30 years. A graduate of NAFA with a Diploma in Graphic Design. His journey into design began when he was only 16 years old, with cartoon designs and drawing concepts with pencil. His unusual talent, a keen eye for detail, and innovative approaches, launched his career in concepts and graphic design. 

His purpose in life, as he says, is to wake up each morning to add value and meaning, to bring imagination, simplicity and purpose to his clients, through his creations and designs. 

Clients like Popular Book Co., YHS Limited, Tierney’s Gourmet, Nitto Denko, Senofi, NTUC Fairprice, Baskin Robbins, and more have benefitted from his work. Chris is now a world class VISUAL COMMUNICATOR and a brand designer. He is a passionate and inventive creator of innovative marketing strategies and campaigns; through the designs he creates on multiple media platform, he draws inspiration from nature, the vintage, graffiti and diverse cultures. 

Chris’ philosophy in life and design is built on 3 driving words: Simplicity, Positivity, and Experimentation.

Nancy Soon

Administrative Manager & Liaison Officer

Nancy has over 30 years of teaching experience in the Singapore education industry. She holds a Certificate in Special needs Education and is a trained accountant and book-keeper. Apart from her work as admin manager with The CreativeWerkz, Nancy is herself an entrepreneur and runs her own business. If you need any clarifications or would like to make an appointment with any of our members of staff, she's the one you should liaise with! 

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Aisyah Johan Iskandar

Stage Manager

Aisyah is a liberal arts student currently reading a double major in English Literature and Art History in Nanyang Technological University.


Her interests lie in retelling classics through a modern prism, the introspective journey and manifestations of the self and the other, along with exploring the intricate theme of bildungsroman. She thrives in problem solving and is always looking forward to challenging the box we think in.

She aims to continue making the right noise, telling stories that stick, and thus giving the silenced a voice in her productions.

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